Bette & Joan

I’m thrilled to play my idol, Miss Bette Davis, in Anton Burge’s masterful Bette & Joan.

As a child I spent many an afternoon flopped on the couch, watching Bette in an afternoon movie. I cannot describe the ecstasy of now trying to reproduce her feelings, and her words.

Young Kathy Ballentine as Bette Davis
            The young Kat (center) was often told she resembled the young Bette Davis

Performing at the Players Theater in Callao, Virginia (tickets here), January 11, 12, 13, 18, 19, and 20, 2019, a brilliant Director’s Showcase Production devised by Director Marcia Peters and Stage Manager Janice Coates.




“Here we have a delicate game of oneup-womanship,” said The Guardian in its 2011 review of the play, “in which bared teeth are hidden behind dissembling smiles and barbed insults fly in both directions.” You can read more about the play itself here.

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