Recent Reviews

12 Angry Jurors: “A taut, nuanced, and gripping exploration… Juror #2 (Kat Shepherd) is a meek older woman whose vote swings back and forth more than a few times during the course of the show. Her ability to be easily manipulated reveals serious flaws in the jury trial process… the strong performances establish a suspenseful and thought-provoking nail biter.” – DCMetro TheaterArts

The Belle of Amherst: “This play came to life, entering the world, mind, and poetic heart of Emily Dickinson” … Shepherd is “a brilliant and talented actor.” – The Northern Neck News

I Am a Camera: “Mrs. Watson-Courtneidge, played perfectly by Kathryn Shepherd, didn’t enter the show until late in the performance, but instantly played counterpoint to the free spirit of her daughter, Sally Bowles, making me cringe and dislike the character immediately, no matter how much I related to her and her position. All in all a delightful production that provided entertainment, and provoked deeper and meaningful thoughts.” Northumberland Echo

Getting Away with Murder: “The entire large cast is spot-on with their performances although several stand out. Kathryn Ballentine Shepherd’s mousy near-hysteric must have done her research in a hysterics’ ward at a mental hospital.” – Northumberland Echo

The Rainmaker: “The daughter, Lizzie, played by Kat Shepherd, is wonderfully fragile, alternating between acceptance of her fate as predicted by her older brother and despair over it until the rainmaker, using his beguiling talk, convinces her she is beautiful. Then, Lo! And Behold! instead of no suitors, she has two who want her” – Northumberland Echo